Making Lattes is her favorite thing to do, making her special homemade cocoa is her second favorite.

In her spare time she likes do graphic design and make fun band posters for all her musical friends

She also like watching interpretive dance, but hasn’t worked up the courage to perform herself.. Yet

Loves watching cartoons. Her favorite show is My Pet Human


Herman’s BFF

Carpets very favorite thing in the whole wide world is her Boom Box

Her favorite music to listen too on said boom box is Monster Funkadelic

Every tuesday night she loves going to roller derby at the undertown sewer central arena


If you ask anyone who know’s Kurtis how they would describe him, they would all agree that he is the Happy go luckiest monster around town

Loves Punk/Ska music

Is an excellent long boarder, but is still learning how to surf

4 year reigning champ of the city wide monstercraft championship


Everyone agrees that he has the best singing voice in town

Loves Monster Metal, chances are you’ll find Kurtis and Cornelius chatting away about why their own favorite music is the best

A huge fan of basketball, but is unsure if he will join the league this coming season at the sewer central arena

Has a heart of gold, but likes to act tough because he thinks that’s what Street Monsters are supposed to do.


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