So, here at HMHP we’re not just publishing books about Herman, we’re also reaching out to local authors to collaborate with artists in our wonderful and talented community! One such project is a book all about a lovely little festival that happens each summer called “Fiddles on The Tobique.” It’s a charming origin story about how such a thing as fiddlers floating down a river in canoes came about! If you’re interested in learning more about the festival, you can check out the website here:

We’re so lucky to have the talented Mr. Bennie Allain illustrating this project. Currently located wayyyy up there in the Yukon, Bennie is taking his love for all things “old tymey” and rustic and pouring that creative energy into this book. We feel you’ll find it has a “back woods Willy Wonka” style about it, and is sure to delight both young and old readers. Scheduled to be released this spring, the yet to be titled Fiddlers on The Tobique storybook is going to be a refreshing take on part of the history of our wonderful province.

Join Herman & friends in his first big adventure

“There and Back Again, A Herman Tale!”

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