The River Fiddlers

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A children’s tale of the Old Canoe Maker and his friend, the Fiddler Man.

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A new children’s book about the Old Canoe Maker and The Fiddle Man. How they met, and how from that meeting the legendary Fiddlers on The Tobique Festival came to be. Brought to life by the whimsical and folky illustrations of Ben Allain, written by Ron Caldwell.

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  1. Bill Miller

    My name is Bill Miller from Nictau NB. I am the Old Canoe Maker in this story. The Fiddleman is Mr. Ivan Hicks a very well known Fiddle player from Riverview NB…I Co-fouded the Fiddles on the Tobique with Ivan Hicks in the spring of 1994. We had 2 wooden Canoes, and a kayak. 7 people in all Ivan brought his fiddle and he went with Nita Black in her Miller canoe with Joe Yacavino. Doug and Helen Edgar from Three Brooks brought Vivian Hicks down. I took my kayak to video that First Fiddles on the Tobique! The experience was wonderful, a new Tobique tradition was born! Each year it grew and got a lot bigger and reached it’s peak in 2003 when over 1600 canoes showed up and close to 6500 people with several dozen fiddlers, guitar players, banjo, a Piano keyboard, accordions, drums base fiddle and a cello too There were 2 CBC film crews as well, one doing Wayne Ronstadt’s “on the Road Again” and “Land and Sea” Helen Edgar had started a very successful Fiddle Camp, and Fiddles on the Tobique was making the Tobique FAMOIUS! People were arriving from all over Europe, south Africa, south America, Australia and New Zealand . We even had square dancers on a float dressed up in their finest outfits! Afterward there was dancing, Fiddle jams everywhere and house concerts. All good things do come to an end some day, and it did when Due to the unsustainable clear cutting practices and the spraying of Glyphosates, I was ashamed to bring in people from around the world to see a vast clearcut here on the Tobique. Water levels dropped, fish were dying, and I was finally becoming an OLD Canoe Maker!

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