There & Back Again

Herman is a House Monster who loves living under his friend Sarah’s bed. However, he longs for the noise and excitement of the Street Monsters, especially because they have NO RULES!…

A New Song for Herman

Herman loves to entertain his Street Monster pals at Sarah’s Cafe, making their favourite hot beverage – The DOUBLE TROUBLE CHOCOLATE BUBBLE VANILLA TRUFFLE MOCCACHINO with SPRINKLES!

The River Fiddlers

A new children’s book about the Old Canoe Maker and The Fiddle Man. How they met, and how from that meeting the legendary Fiddlers on The Tobique Festival came to be. Brought to life by the whimsical and folky illustrations of Ben Allain.

Mahtoqeh’s Journey

Mahtoqueh is heading to the Gathering – all on his own! His forest friends try to guide him, but each follow their own path. The salmon swims upstream, the owl flies above the trees, but how does the rabbit get to the Gathering? Mahtoqeh needs the help of the four sacred medicines, so he can perform his special dance for all the creatures of the Gathering!
Mahtoqeh’s Journey is an easy, fun way to teach the traditional values of the Wolastoqiyik peoples!

Cornelius’s Conundrum: The Sewer Central Star

A brand new story in the Herman the Monster series!

Head down to the underground with the third book in the beloved Herman the Monster series – Cornelius’s Conundrum! In Cornelius’s Conundrum, Herman and his monster pals put their crashing and banging to good use, starting a band to play at the Sewer Central Arena’s Battle of the Bands!

Alphabet Pie!

A collection of fantastical poems to delight the imagination!

What would you do if you were made of clay? How do you dance when overcome by a drum? Do you gulp the pulp when your juice has been drunk?

These are just a few of the silly questions found in Alphabet Pie, a collection of easy-to-read poems by Fredericton’s Matt Walls. Alphabet Pie celebrates the small joys of childhood – riding a bike, jumping in mud puddles, and, of course, eating pies from A to Z!


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