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There once was a monster named Herman

Meet Herman, a can-do little monster standing 3 feet tall with the warmest monster smile you ever did see.
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A Little Bit About Herman

Here’s A Few Of Herman’s Favourite Things:

His Purple Slippers

They’re purple, with one eye and one horn on each. His left slippers name is Funky Fresh Mc-Sneaky, and his right is named Flyboy Shush Master!


The double trouble chocolate bubble vanilla truffle is by far his favourite flavour.


Most monsters enjoy a bit of garbage for a midnight snack. Herman’s absolute favourite delicacy is old banana peels.

Splishing & Sploshing

Who doesn’t enjoy jumping in a good mud puddle! For Herman, the muddier the better!


There’s one cookie that stands above the rest. The apple butter walnut supreme.. With extra walnuts.


Herman’s Favourite Human! Read all about their adventures together in Herman’s first book “There and Back Again, A Herman Tale”

Crashing & Banging

Who doesn’t love making as much noise as possible! Unfortunately Under The Bed Monsters aren’t allowed to make much noise.. But Street Monsters? Those crazy cats make all the noise they want!

Dancing & Dawdling

This goes double for Dancing and Dawdling.


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